1-on-1 Coaching for Traders

Becoming a trader is a challenging process. It involves seeing your own blind spots, fixing the loopholes in your own system, and uncovering any biases and mental blocks that may be causing your mistakes. Help and guidance from an objective and experienced coach can make a huge difference, and dramatically increase your chances of success.

Unlike any course, book or blog, 1-on-1 coaching is all about you. It is tailored and focused to your specific situation, strengths and difficulties. It’s about seeing exactly where you are right now, figuring out the problems you are facing, and finding a solution that is right for you.

one-on-one coaching

About the coaching process

I believe my job as a coach is not to get you to trade like me, but to get you to trade like you. There are many trading methods and solutions – I will help you focus on those that fit your strengths and goals, and tailor them to your trading personality.

My first task as a coach is to give you objective, experienced feedback on your trades. By analyzing your trading activity together, we can identify what issues need work.

Next, I will help you identify any loopholes and flaws in your decision making process, and guide you in fixing them. An incomplete decision making process causes doubt and guessing, and is the root of many trading problems and stresses.

Proper mindset is key to a trader’s success. I will help you identify internal conflict, emotional challenges and subconscious limiting beliefs as these arise in your trading, causing you to make mistakes. I will then guide you in using different tools and processes which can help you replace them with a supportive mindset.

I see the process as a joint journey. You and I will work together to define and achieve your goals. By applying our joint wisdom towards your trading goals, the journey will be faster, easier and more likely to succeed.

Three Coaching Examples

Traders can face many issues that hold them back. I’ve included three examples, as well as a brief explanation of how these issues can be dealt with during a coaching session. You’ll find the examples here.

How Do We Begin?

Three simple steps:

1. Download the Application Form at this link, fill it out and send it to me:

2. Once I receive the form, I’ll set up a Consultation Session. We will review your trading goals and expectations, and set up your personalized learning program.
The Consultation Session is free of charge.

3. Start Learning!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Zvi Benyamini